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Well, there have been four editions in the Battle of the Bloggers series over at, and although I’m not at the top of the leaderboard, it’s still fun to share my opinion, and also get yours at the same time. This week’s question was this: Who will lead the Wolves in scoring this season? […]

Well, there hasn’t been a “Battle of the Bloggers” in quite some time, but today, the fourth round was published. Here is the question for this week: Two Timberwolves that would win an intersquad 2-on-2 tournament, and the best possible NBA two-some as a tiebreaker. To read my answer and the rest of them, check […]

Well, the third week of the Battle of the Bloggers is now up, and you can check it out at the link below. Week 3 This week’s answer doesn’t need a lot of explanation, but here is a little of that as well. – First off, I think Randy Foye will be a much improved […]

Round three of the “Battle of the Bloggers” series is out tomorrow. I’ll have a link at that time, but here is the question that was asked, in case you want to share your answers. How much of a difference will one year of experience as an NBA point guard help Randy Foye heading into […]