Blog Battle

I’m participating in the “Battle of the Bloggers” over at the official Minnesota Timberwolves website. You can check it out each week, and if you want to, you can vote for who you think should be the winner each week as well.

Here, I’ll post the link to each week along with that week’s question. Check back every Friday for the new link.

Battle of the Bloggers Preview

Week One:
Link to article

Will Al Jefferson become an NBA All-Star this season in his first year with the Timberwolves? Why or why not?

Week Two:
Link to article
More in-depth look…

Using the roster as it currently sits, what would your starting lineup be for the 2007-08 season, and who would be the top three players in your rotation off the bench?

Week Three:
Link to article
More in-depth look…

How much of a difference will one year of experience as an NBA point guard help Randy Foye heading into year two?

Week Four
Link to article

Two Timberwolves that would win an intersquad 2-on-2 tournament, and the best possible NBA two-some as a tiebreaker.

Week Five
Link to article

Who will lead the Wolves in scoring this season? Who’s going to be the top Windex man? Who’s passing will render the most assists?

Week Six:


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