Walker Isn’t Happy


When the Wolves traded Ricky Davis and Mark Blount away for Walker and Doleac, they were essentially getting rid of two players that weren’t all that happy, and in return getting two players that are veterans, and seemed to be okay with the new start.

Walker was great with his comments after the trade, and it looked as if the Wolves had made the right move to get him to be a leader on the team. Walker didn’t really produce in the first four games in a limited amount of playing time, but he did get minutes, and didn‘t complain.

In the team’s fifth game, Walker never moved from the bench.

Since that time, the Wolves have had a few days off, and Walker has let it be known that he isn’t very happy.

No, he hasn’t come out and complained out his playing time, he hasn’t complained about the coaching, and he hasn’t complained about the team. But he has come out and said that he is “confused” about what he is in Minnesota for, and that to me is just as bad.

Walker doesn’t want to be here, and there really isn’t a reason to have him here. Whenever he is on the court, it seems as though he plays just for himself. He forces shots, and it looks as if he just wants the stats.

For me, it’s an easy choice, ship him out. But, will the Wolves consider this, and what should they do?


3 Responses to “Walker Isn’t Happy”

  1. 1 Will

    Walker is a cancer to teams. He has the worst shot selection in the league, the clumsiest foot work, and most dismal work ethic. For a young Minnesota team, it’s best to keep Walker out of games to promote the development of the up and coming players. Walker really does not give any asset to a team. He does not have any respect to be a leader nor does he have the talent to be a veteran mentor. Nonetheless, some desperate team will bite on him if offered.

  2. It’d be nice if we could find some way to buy him out, or trade him, if anyone would be stupid enough to take him. However, I still like the Ricky and Blount for Antoine deal just because you’re getting 2 definitely bad attitudes for 1 definitely bad attitude, and you’re also getting a guy who wouldn’t demand the type of minutes that Ricky and Blount command. Is anyone else thinking that the 13 minutes Antoine’s getting a game is more than he deserves?

  3. 3 Bill

    The Davis and Blount to Miami trade was great because they got rid of Davis and freed up minutes for the young guys. Plus Walker’s contract expires a year sooner than Blount and they got a first round pick. If the Heat don’t make the playoffs this year the Wolves don’t get their first rounder but if they can battle back and make the playoffs as a 7 or 8 seed their pick would be in the 15-18 range and the Wolves would get it. Walker is untradable, he is set to make 17-million over the next two seasons, they should offer him $13-million for a buyout and be done with him. They are in the same situation with Jaric.

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