Recap: Lakers 107, Wolves 93


The Wolves faced off against the Lakers, looking for their first win of the season, but after sticking with them much of the way, the Lakers took control at the end of the game, and won it 107-93.

Marko Jaric got the start at point over Sebastian Telfair, and the move made coach Randy Wittman look like an idiot. Telfair came off the bench for the Wolves and scored 15 points to go along with 3 assists.

With McCants out, Greg Buckner got the start, and put together a pretty nice game with 9 points and 3 assists. He also played pretty good defense.

The star for the Wolves was again Al Jefferson. In 35 minutes, Jefferson scored 24 points, and also collected a season high 15 rebounds. His close teammate Ryan Gomes scored 17 points.

More key points to come later…


2 Responses to “Recap: Lakers 107, Wolves 93”

  1. Im gonna go with what Stephen Litel had to say about Marko/Wittman last night:

    “He knows this team and what makes them tick, therefore knowing Marko Jaric is a player who only contributes when his confidence is high, the choice to insert Jaric into the starting unit was solid.”

    Yeah Bassy had a better line, but Marko was part of why we started so well. Bassy will start tonight in Sactown.

  2. I guess I didn’t inderstand Witt’s reasoning until today. I read somewhere now that it was more because he wanted energy in the second group.

    I guess I can’t blame him for that. When Foye gets back, we won’t have to worry about this I guess…

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