Another Great Move


The Timberwolves signed cornerstone Al Jefferson to a 5-year, 65 million dollar contract late last night to end what has been an awesome off-season for the franchise. With the deadline near an end, and a deal looking unlikely, the Wolves surprisingly announced the move.

Since Jefferson arrived in the Garnett trade at the beginning of the summer, a contract extension has been one of the major questions. For a while, it looked like the Wolves had decided to simply wait until the end of the season to see what to offer, and go from there.

With the 11 p.m. deadline looming last night, and basically no rumors the previous few days, it looked like the decision was final. But then, the great news was posted on the official site:

Wolves and Jefferson Agree to Extension

So, the Wolves capped off the off-season by locking up their key to the future, and sending another great message to fans everywhere.

The Wolves are indeed committed to the future, and no matter how hard you look, surprisingly the team didn’t make any bad moves in this most critical off-season. The Wolves will now head into the regular season with a huge burden off both their own back and that of Al Jefferson.

Thoughts in Detail:
– This deal is great news to all fans, and was the right move for both sides. First of all, the Wolves seem like they have signed him at a pretty low cost for the type of player he is. If they didn’t sign him, they could have been forced to give him a max deal after the season. On the other side, Jefferson will get paid and won’t have to worry about how he plays this season.

– The move signifies more than just the team’s commitment. Jefferson seems committed to winning as well, and the fact that he didn’t hold out for a max deal shows that commitment. He is a great player on the court, and from what I’ve seen from him off the court so far, he looks just as good.

– Although the deal is worth $65 million total, it has been reported that it could reach $70 million with incentives.

– Oh, did I mention that the Wolves also picked up the options on guards Randy Foye and Rashad McCants?


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