Couldn’t Be More Right…


Britt Robson made this following comment about the Sports Illustrated Wolves preview, and he couldn’t be more right:

Did anyone else read Sports Illustrated’s NBA season preview issue, especially the Timberwolves page, especially the anonymous scout’s take? Especially the part where the scout ripped Al Jefferson and gave huge ups to Gerald Green? What is a customarily fine mag like SI doing quoting obvious idiots as experts, and where was at least one editor with a smidgen of hoops knowledge to spot this bullshit and demand either a new scout, another interview, or one of those laughing heads to clue people in that the whole thing was a weird joke? Witt should throw the thing up on the bulletin board, as the mag also picked Minnesota to finish 15 out of 15 Western Conference teams. I’ll bet you Mike Bibby’s torn thumb ligament they finish ahead of Sacramento, and probably the Clips.

I understand a lot of the reasons the Wolves get no respect in the season predictions, but from just a few various previews from big news outlets such as SI and ESPN, the disrespect, or lack of knowledge of this team is very obvious.

First of all, in their season preview, ESPN lists Antoine Walker in the team’s starting lineup. Now, I’m not going to say this isn’t possible, but have they been paying any attention to this team? First off, Walker just arrived, and won’t even have a chance to play in a game for the team this preseason. Secondly, to list him in the starting lineup with all the talk that he might not even be here next Monday?

The disrespect starts with the scouting report on Craig Smith. In this report, they have the following to say:

Smith is two inches too short for his position, appears somewhat overweight, can’t jump, and can’t shoot.

WHAT!? Smith is a little short for his position, I’ll give them that. But he definitely isn’t overweight after this past off-season, and he seems to have a pretty nice jump shot and hook shot to me.

After all of this, they proceed to say the following at the end:

He can be very effective in his current role, but it’s hard to see how he’ll move up in the world from here.

How can’t he move up? He has played in the NBA for one season, and played very well for that matter. He still has a lot to learn, and can only get better. How can you say his role will never increase?

Enough with the ESPN preview, lets move to the SI one.

In this preview, they have a very bad scout’s take on both Al Jefferson and Gerald Green (as Britt mentioned in that quote).

First off, Al Jefferson:

Al Jefferson at his best will never approach the level of Garnett in his prime.

He may never be the best player on his team except for right now.

And you’ll never be able to build a team around Jefferson. It’s not even fair to the guy to compare him to Garnett. Has Jefferson ever done anything eye-popping that makes you say, ‘Wow?’ He doesn’t play above the rim. He is a lunch-pail, workmanlike, physically tough, low-post-scoring power forward who is an exceptional rebounder, and that’s really good. Is he a nice piece? Definitely. But if they’re looking at him as the man they’ll build around, they won’t go far …

Well, this article made me say “Wow!”

I’m pretty sure he is the centerpiece for the Wolves, and I’m pretty confident that they will in fact be building this team around him.

The article gets even better though, as they mention Gerald Green as the person to “give the team hope.”

Now, I agree that Green could be a big part of this trade if he plays well. But to first say that Jefferson isn’t a guy to build around, and then not even mention him as a reason for hope, only to go on to say that Green is the reason to have hope? WOW!

I could probably go on with different big news outlets, and probably even these ESPN and SI previews, but you get my point.

I agree, the predictions for this team’s record can’t be high, but at least pay some attention to the team, and if you’re going to do a preview of them, get it somewhat right.

[Britt’s Blog and TWolvesBlog]


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