Wolves Trade Davis and Blount


The Minnesota Timberwolves took a big step towards building their final roster before the season starts next week, trading away the final two starters remaining on the team from last season, Mark Blount and Ricky Davis.

This deal has been hinted at over the course of training camp, but Blount was really never talked about, and this deal could lead to even more moves for the Wolves.

In return for Davis and Blount, the Wolves will receive Antoine Walker, Michael Doleac, and Wayne Simien. Plus, the Wolves will get a future first round draft pick from Miami, that could come in 2008.

To me, this is a pretty good deal. Mark Blount really needed to go, and Ricky Davis was going to get moved at some point this season anyways.

This move will free up a lot more playing time for young guards Rashad McCants and Gerald Green, and will also assure the surprising Theo Ratliff and rookie Chris Richard a lot more time as well.

With the first-round draft pick, the Wolves just continue to stock pile. In addition to the one they already have, they should receive one from the Celtics this season, and now the Heat’s as well. They do still owe one to the Clippers, but there are some stipulations to that pick.

Now that the move has been made, the Wolves actually have more players on the roster than they did before. They have 18 players, and must be at 15 when the season starts. Plus, it’d probably be ideal for the organization to have even less than that minimum number to assure happiness.

If there is anything positive about what the Wolves will do with the roster now, it’s this quote from Kevin McHale:

“We have some other stuff that we’re probably going to do inside this deal. A lot of business going on.”

So, watch for some buy-outs and possibly more trades in the coming days.


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