Pre-Season: Indiana Pacers (Home)

Indiana Pacers T-Wolves
4-2 2-4
Game Time: 7:00 TV: None

The Wolves are 2-4 so far this preseason, but have shown improvement over the last few outings. With the season getting closer, look for the regulars to start getting more playing time, and look for a more consistent rotation to start getting established.

Tonight, Ryan Gomes will again be on the court coming back from his injury. In addition, there is a pretty good chance that Randy Foye will return as well, but this isn’t 100%. It might be hard to believe, but the Wolves have just two preseason games remaining before everything gets going for real, and the games start to count.

Watch For…

…Randy Foye and Sebastian Telfair. There is a very good chance that Randy Foye will be back on the court for the Wolves, even if he doesn’t start. Telfair says he is getting better, and there might be a small chance that he plays — don’t expect it though.

…Al Jefferson. I know, I’ve put this on each game. But, how can you not watch him. He has looked like a beast every game, and I want to see if he can stay consistent.

…Brewer and Green. Corey Brewer had the game of his life last time both on offense and defense. Can he still take good shots and put together another nice outing? As for Green, lets see if he can hit some threes and control his shots.

…Turnovers. This is the final thing, and possibly the most important thing to watch for. So far, the Wolves biggest problem has been turnovers. Can things continue from the good second half against the Bucks?


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