Pre-Season: Indiana Pacers

Game Time: 6:00 TV: None

Well, the Wolves are 1-3 so far this preseason, and there have been a lot of positives and negatives in each game. The big negative so far is obviously the injuries because we still haven’t gotten a very good look at this team. The hope for me at least, is that tonight Gomes and maybe even Foye or Telfair will play.

If not, it’ll be another night with no progression other than getting a better look at Al Jefferson, and giving Buckner more minutes at the PG position.

What To Watch For:
– Watch to see if there is another collapse for the Wolves. So far this preseason, the Wolves have had some great quarters in each game, but each time follow them up with a pathetic quarter such as their seven pointer against the Hawks.

– Watch for Al Jefferson. So far he has looked like a beast on the boards, and has multiple fifteen rebound games. In his past few games, the offense has gotten better, so look to see if that continues tonight.

– Watch for the injuries. Hopefully no more will occur tonight, but watch to see if Ryan Gomes or maybe Randy Foye return to action tonight.

– Finally, watch for the rotations. With the season getting closer and closer, Wittman needs to start getting his rotation together. Watch for hints at what it’ll be on November 2nd.


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