Season Posting


I want to take a little time to get all of the readers up to date on what I plan on doing when the season rolls around as far as posting goes. Below are some of the big things to expect, but there should also be other things thrown in from time to time.

Game Threads:
– Each game, I will have a game thread up where you can share your comments as the game goes along.

– In each thread, I plan on having the game time, where to watch it, what to watch for or keys to the game, lineups and possibly a “game simulation”.

– The lineups may not always be possible, as I do plan on scheduling some of the posts when I’m busy. But, I’ll do my best to get those up. If they aren’t up, feel free to post them in the comments section.

– The rest is pretty much self explanatory, but I want to tell you what the game simulation is. Pretty much, (if I have 2K8 or Live) I plan on simulating each game, and posting the final scores possibly with some details.

Game Recaps:
– Recaps will just go over the game, and some of the stats. I can’t promise I’ll get one up for every single game, but I’m going to do my best.

– Something else to note, is that I may give my opinion, ask for yours and also post some quotes.

Key Links:
– I’m going to try to get up links whenever I feel I need to get everybody updated. This may turn into a daily thing, but most likely it’ll be something I do a couple time per week.

Other Ideas:
– Finally, one of my other ideas is to have a certain day of the week that I post a Wolves YouTube.

What do you think about this stuff, and do you have ideas? Share them in the comments section below, NO NEED TO REGISTER!


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