Telfair Sprains Ankle


Well, there have been a number of injuries since camp started a few weeks ago, and just when some of the players are getting healthy, another one goes down. This time it was Sebastian Telfair with a sprained ankle. While an ankle sprain might not be so serious, and is a common thing in basketball, they are occurring way to much, and Telfair’s is serious enough that he is on crutches.

It’s hard news to take considering that Telfair has played well so far in camp, and is earning himself minutes off the bench at the PG position, and possibly a starting spot if the Wolves decided to go with Foye at SG (what do you think).

Right now, the Wolves don’t even have a healthy PG. Foye and Telfair are both unlikely to play tomorrow with their injuries, and the next guy would be Marko Jaric. I can’t even imagine going in that route again.

Hopefully the injures will start to slow down, and we’ll get healthy enough to get ready for the season.


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