The Day After


Today is a very slow day regarding the Wolves, so I’m going to share some more thoughts on some different observations from camp and whatnot. Below I have also included a few links to some different stories about the Wolves.

Camp Thoughts:
So far in camp, I’ve seen a lot of things that I like about this team, and some things that I’m not so sure about. Here are some of my thoughts on things I’ve seen and things I’d like to see improve as camp continues.

– As a team, is looks like the guys are becoming more comfortable playing together. Obviously, they’ll need to play a lot more than two games to get accustom to playing together and get everything down, but they looks like they’re on the right track.

– I like the fact that so far, nobody has dominated in the minutes played category. With so many new guys, we need to move slowly, let everybody play with different people, and adjust to what we’ve got. When they start to build more chemistry, then we can go out and give guys regular minutes. Right now though, I like what Wittman is doing.

– One thing I’m not all that happy with after two games is Al Jefferson’s involvement on offense. On defense, he looks great, both on the boards and on his guy. But on offense, he hasn’t gotten nearly enough touches, and since he is one of the stars on this team, that needs to change.

– Gerald Green has shown some good signs in my opinion, but the big thing he needs to get down before camp breaks is shot selection. He has a pretty nice shot, but he makes himself look bad by jacking bad shots up.

– Another player from the KG deal, Ryan Gomes, has played very well so far. In fact, he might be the most pleasant surprise. We knew somewhat about him when he arrived, but he has overwhelmed me. On offense, he has a nice shot, and works hard to get the rebounds. On defense he looks just as good. In the end, he could be a huge part of this deal.

– Brewer still needs more work, and this isn’t a surprise. I definitely don’t see him starting for a few months into the season, but he should still be one of the first guys off the bench.

– Finally, when are more trades going to go down? I like a lot about this team, but seeing Jaric and Blount waste roster space bugs me. It has been shown already that the Wolves don’t want them to have very big roles, and there is no point to keep them when young guys are ready to step in and take their place.

I’d like to hear your camp observations and thoughts. Leave your comments in the comments section below, and remember, there is no need to register.

Here are some quick links:

Britt Robson goes over the game.

Sporting News has a nice story on Al Jefferson.

Stay up to date with videos over at Camp Central.

The Wolves have their radio guy.


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