Some Random Notes


Here are a few different notes surrounding the team including some injury notes, a new rumors and even some links to some different Wolves stories.

– Mark Madsen said that he expects to be out anywhere from 5 to 6 more weeks. This would take him until somewhere around early November, and the first or second week of the season. So, he’ll be on the inactive roster for a little while early on.

– Rashad McCants didn’t play yesterday because of a sore hamstring, but it isn’t anything serious right now, and the move was precautionary.

– There is a rumor out there that Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor didn’t want Sebastian Telfair, but needed to take him to get a deal done. I think this is highly over exaggerated, because how can a guy like Telfair hold up a deal for Kevin Garnett?

– There is also a rumor that Marko Jaric would like to go back to Europe to play basketball. That is unlikely as he has a contract with the Wolves, but I’d buy it out if he’ll do it cheap!

– If you watched the game yesterday, you might have noticed some new uniforms the team was wearing. Don’t worry though, these will be featured only while the team is overseas.

– If you missed all of the game, and have yet to see highlights, here is about two minutes worth from

– The Pioneer Press has a recap of the game, and so does the Star Tribune. You can also check out my Live Blog from yesterday for more details.

– Finally, Mark Madsen has updated his blog again, and so has Ryan Gomes.


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