Are They Serious?


I was looking around the web today for some Wolves news, and came across some really strange comments made on the Dime Magazine Blog. Their first comments were:

The Wolves beat Efes Pilsen of the Turkish pro league, but, real talk, Minny is gonna lose a lot of games this year. They’re just so young, they even carry themselves like a high school or college team.

Now, that comment really doesn’t surprise me. All of the media outlets, ESPN, everybody have predicted the Wolves to play flat out horrible this season. I don’t think their going to blow people away by any means, or have a huge season record wise, but everybody makes them sound like a D-League team or something.

Then, I kept reading, and this comment was made:

Who the Wolves will start this year has been a question we’ve gotten a lot. Yesterday it was Randy Foye, Rickey Buckets, Ryan Gomes, Al Jefferson and Mark Blount. However, we think Corey Brewer will crack that five before long and send Gomes to the bench.

My first reaction was, “Is this person serious?”

Now, before I continue let me tell you that this NBA writer wrote this article after the game against Efes Pilsen…

So, this guy is going to tell me, that Corey Brewer, who I think will turn out to be a pretty good player, is just going to unseat Ryan Gomes as the starting SF?

Did he watch how Gomes played on Saturday? Does he know how slow the Wolves have moved in the past with their rookies?

On Saturday, Gomes played with the most energy of any of the Wolves players, and collected a game high 12 points and 13 rebounds (including 6 offensive). And, this isn’t just a pre-season thing. He showed much of the same thing last season when he started for Boston.

Again, I’m not saying Brewer won’t get playing time, that Brewer isn’t a good player, but to say that he is going to beat Gomes out is a little crazy considering these different factors.


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