Recap: Wolves 84, Efes Pilsen 81


Well, we got our first look at the new players today, and they ended up on top by a final score of 84-81 over Efes Pilsen.

Some people might be concerned after watching this game or looking at recaps, but I’m not one of those people. The Wolves didn’t win by a lot like maybe they should have, but they did some good things, and after all, this was the first time they were playing together. Also, a lot of the starters didn’t play much in the fourth quarter, and all of minutes were spread out pretty well with the most minutes played being 28 by both Foye and Gomes.

Before I go over some of the things that I really liked, and some of the things the Wolves need to work on, I do want to point out who did and didn’t play.

Today, the big names that didn’t play were Craig Smith, Mark Madsen, Marko Jaric, Theo Ratliff and Rashad McCants. Other than these five players, the rest of the team play except John Edwards.

Now, on with the thoughts…

The Good
– The Wolves did a very nice job on the boards, as they out rebounded Pilsen 68-47. The key rebounders were Al Jefferson (17), Ryan Gomes (13) and Chris Richard (9).

– Both Ryan Gomes and Gerald Green put up good games for the Wolves. Gomes played 28 minutes, and collected a game high 12 points to go along with his 13 rebounds. Green only played 14 minutes, but scored 10 points and collected 5 rebounds.

– Randy Foye did have some miscues in the game, but tied for the game-high in points with 12, and also got better as the game went on. He connected with Green on a few nice passes, and hit some key free throws down the stretch.

– The Wolves started poorly from the line, but ended better.

– Sebastian Telfair played pretty well in the game. He scored 9 points, and even picked up 8 rebounds. Out of his nine points, six of them game from behind the arc.

The Negatives
– The free throw shooting was bad early on, and the Wolves went 12-22 before turning it around late in the game.

– Their fast break defense wasn’t very good, and they allowed to many baskets from turnovers.

– The Wolves didn’t shoot well from the field, going just 29-86 to give them an overall 33.7 percentage.

– Mark Blount didn’t look very good. Offensively, we know what he can do, but to me he didn’t show any enthusiasm on defense, and actually looked a little lazy. With Gomes and Smith, I’d like to see him traded.

– Ricky Davis threw up to many shots. Daivs is a good shooter, but last season struggled with shot selection. Today, that continued and he went 5-15 from the field.

These are my main keys to what happened today. I’m not to worried that we didn’t blow them out. We played well at times, and showed a lot of good things. As we get the rest of the team back, and they adjust to playing together we’ll get better. Plus, this was the first game, and the shooting was rusty.

I’ll try to post some quotes at some point, and I’ll have more on why I’d like to see Blount traded.

For more stats, check out the Box Score.


3 Responses to “Recap: Wolves 84, Efes Pilsen 81”

  1. Gomes was a beast for you guys! Everyone’s talking about Al Jefferson but Gomes could be another nice piece of the KG deal.

    Someone’s gotta tell Telfair to cut his nails… what he did to Drew Nicholas’ head was dirty…

  2. I agree.

    I think Gomes will be the second big part to this deal. He looked great, and played with a lot of energy.

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