Live Blog: Efes Pilsen


I’m going to be watching this game (if the webcast starts working), so if there is anything I see that I want to point out, I’ll post it below.

1:11 – The introductions were just done, and they seemed to give Green a pretty big hand.

1:16 – Well, the webcast isn’t working right now, so I’ll have to go off of the Live Box Score.

1:18 – Foye just hit a 3-point shot, and the Wolves lead 7-5.

1:23 – Wolves are trailing 12-11. Ricky is 0-3 thus far, and Gomes is 2-2 with 4 points.

1:30 – Wolves now trailing 19-15, and Jefferson just scored. This was the first time he really got involved so far.

1:34 – Telfair just checked into the game, and the Wolves trail 21-18. Foye leads the team with 6 points so far.

1:40 – After one quarter, the Wolves trail 23-22. Jefferson has 7 rebounds and 4 points. Foye has 6 points, Blount has 4 points and Gomes has 4 as well. So far, Howard, Telfair and Buckners have all seen time off the bench.

1:43 – So far no Green, Brewer or Smith.

1:48 – Wolves now lead 27-26. Buckner with a three-point shot, and Howard has also hit his first shot.

1:56 – The WebCast is now working, check it out.

1:59 – The Wolves are leading 31-28, and Gomes and Foye lead the team with 6 points each. Gomes also has 5 rebounds.

2:03– Wolves lead 33-31. Brewer and Richard have each hit baskets for the Wolves. No sign of Smith yet.

2:06 – Ryan Gomes is looking really good so far. He has 8 points and 7 rebounds. As for Davis, he looks like he’s forcing shots again.

2:12 – Gerald Green is now in the game, and has one point after hitting a free throw. Wolves lead 39-38 after another Gomes basket.

2:16 – Wolves lead 41-39 at the Half as Gerald Green hits a buzzer beater to give him 3 points on the game.

Halftime Thoughts – Ryan Gomes looked great, and finished the first half with 10 points and 10 rebounds, giving him a first half double-double. Foye made a few mistakes, and ended the half with 6 points. Big Al had 5 points and 9 rebounds. Wolves have out-rebounded Efes Pilsen 35-17. Finally, the key player that have not seen time yet is Marko Jaric. McCants, Smith and Ratliff will not play do to injuries.

2:32 – Second half is underway, and the Wolves hit the first shot and lead 43-39.

2:35 – Gomes with another board, and now has 11. I like this guy the more and more I see him. Meanwhile, Al has 12 rebounds.

2:39 – Timeout Wolves. They lead 45-39. A few things I should note are that the Wolves are wearing specials uniforms for this trip, and they have some different things for their halftime shows in Turkey!

2:42 – A nice play by Gomes gets him two more points. Efes Pilsen got the rebound and tried to pass, but Gomes knocked it down and layed it up for two. Telfair is in, and the Wolves lead 49-44.

2:44 – Davis is just 3-10 from the field. Jefferson hits another basket and has 7 points and 15 boards. Wolves lead 51-48.

2:47 – Blount looks lazy on defense. Davis keeps shooting, and hits a three to give him 9 points. Wolves now lead 54-48.

2:52 – Jefferson now has 9 points after hitting another basket. The Wolves lead 56-50.

2:57 – Davis hits another three, and the Wolves lead 59-54. He now has 12 points on the game tying him with Gomes for the lead.

2:59 – No Green so far in this half. Wolves now lead 60-55 as Buckner and Richard are both in the game.

3:02 – At the end of the third quarter, the Wolves lead 60-59. Hopefully we’ll see more of Green in the fourth (he came in under one minute left). Efes Pilsen came back when all starters exited but Davis.

3:06 – Underway in the fourth, and the Wolves have extended their lead to 68-59. Green came in and hit a three-pointer and a two-pointer to build the lead and give him 8 points on the game.

3:11 – Telfair has now hit two three-pointers, and the Wolves lead 71-62. No starters are playing.

3:14 – Green has hit another basket, and has 7 of his 10 points in the fourth quarter. The Wolves lead 73-67, and Brewer has now entered.

3:16 – As a team, the Wolves are just 12-22 from the free throw line. Gomes has entered the game, and Telfair hits a free throw to extend the lead to 74-69.

3:22 – Game now tied at 74 after a drought by the Wolves.

3:25 – Richard hits a shot and now has 4 points. Game tied at 76.

3:26 – Foye back in, Wolves trail for first time in awhile 77-76. Without starters, they have looked shaky.

3:28 – Jefferson back in as well, and hits a shot to give the team the lead at 78-77, and give him a double-double.

3:30 – Wolves lead 78-77, and have stopped Efes Pilsen on their drive.

3:31 – Telfair hits free throws, and the score is 80-79 Wolves.

3:33 – Foye hits free throw for two-point lead. Wolves 81, Efes Pilsen 79.

3:34 – Some sort of clock error as the Wolves shoot free throws.

3:36 – Wolves now lead 83-79 after Foye hits free throw. 10 seconds left.

3:38 – Efes Pilsen hits shot and gets within two at 83-81. But, Foye hits free throw to extend lead to 84-81.

3:40 – Wolves hold on by the final score of 84-81.

End of Game Thoughts – Well, it was an interesting game, and the Wolves held on. Foye hit some key free throws down the stretch. The starers didn’t play much in the fourth, but Gomes and Jefferson did a nice job I thought. Green played well in the fourth as well.

I’ll have a recap later…

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