Foye’s A Leader


Just a few days ago at Media Day, Randy Foye was asked about who would be the leader on this team this season. As you may remember, this was a pretty big deal last season, and many questioned Kevin’s leadership, and pointed out that them not having a clear leader was the first and biggest problem of many surrounding the team.

Randy Foye responded to that question with a really good answer:

“I would say me, I just know from my situation growing up, I’m just a natural born leader. I never was a follower in anything. If somebody said, ‘Let’s go do this,’ and if it didn’t feel right, I wouldn’t do it, even if it was my best friend. And it’s my position, too, because I’m the one getting all the information from Coach Witt and delivering it to the players. That’s a leader, too.”

When the Wolves drafted Roy last season, and then pretty much just moments later traded him away for Foye, I was a little upset. There wasn’t anything wrong with Foye, but Roy was being called the ROY guy, and all this other stuff. But, I started to like Foye more and more, and now can’t really think of anything bad to say about him.

He came up clutch on a couple occasions last season, showed what he could do when given the chance in the second half, and now this.

Foye may not be an All-Star just yet, but he is definitely a star on this team, and is also definitely the guy that I’d like to call our leader.

I really like how he stepped right up and accepted this role, and it just gave me another reason to like the choice we made.


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