Just Can’t Wait


I know this may be hard to do, considering it seems like so long ago, and the team has endured so much pain since this time, but for a second, think back to the 2003-2004 season when for the first time in team history, the Wolves made the second round in the playoffs.

Do you remember the excitement of this team, the excitement of all of the fans, watching their team win the Western Conference, advance past not only the first, but the second round as well for the first time ever?

It seems like a long time ago, but I still remember sitting there late one night, watching the Wolves in Denver, and for the first time, being very excited about my team’s and our chances.

After that season, the excitement continued. We still had one of the best trios possibly of all time, and had a chance to get even better.

But, that never happened. Greed got in the way of everything good, and the trio fell apart rapidly. The guys that stepped up the previous season (Hudson) didn’t, and the team shockingly missed the playoffs for the first time in eight seasons, and the hardships began.

It seems like so long ago now after missing the playoffs for three straight seasons, and really not coming close, but somehow, even without KG, there seems to be a big burst of excitement inside me.

Every time I think about the Wolves, the NBA or just basketball itself, I get this strange feeling, this little chill.

It may be just me, but for the first time in what seems like forever, I’m excited about my team, and this season. It’s probably because of new “stars” and new faces like Al Jefferson, Randy Foye and Gerald Green, but it does feel strange to have this excitement after so many years and most of all, without our guy, KG.

The thing is, it’s time to move on from the KG days. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always be a KG fan, and hope that if the Wolves can’t win it all, that he will. But training camp has started, our team is young and exciting, and the new era, the new look has officially taken place.

I’m not sure that this season will be quite like the magical 2003 season, but while that seems like so long ago, a voice inside tells me that soon, very soon this team in ‘Sota will once again be contenders.


2 Responses to “Just Can’t Wait”

  1. I’m extremely excited for this team. Last year was my inaugural season as a Wolves season ticket holder and, like the year before it, they were about as boring as a Brad Childress call on 3rd and long.

    I like the new faces and I hope Witt can find a rotation that works…the only problem is that I’m not convinced Witt builds good rotations.

  2. 2 paddytheflea

    Go Timberwolves!
    For me it’s just a tough name, though.
    I’m a little flea hosting a big blog for the great team Wolves – Wolverhampton Wanderers – in England. It’s football – or soccer as you wrongly call it over there. Good luck for the season, Timberwolves!

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