Camp Preview: Third Edition


The first two editions covered the new faces that will be in camp this season, and the camp schedule. Now, it’s time to take a look at some of those new faces along with some of the more familiar ones that will be competing for jobs this pre-season.

Not every position will have a battle, but almost all of them could see someone different if trades occur as did the one this past weekend.

So, lets take a look at who might be playing at each position:

PG Position:
Randy Foye

Randy Foye will be, without a doubt, the team’s starting point guard. The only person that would possibly play here would be Sebastian Telfair, and that would be only if the Wolves ever had the desire to move Foye to his more natural SG position.

That move isn’t likely, so look for Telfair to instead compete to get the bulk of the minutes off the bench when Foye is out of the game.

SG Position:
Gerald Green vs. Ricky Davis vs. Rashad McCants vs. Marko Jaric

This battle has the chance of being between just two players, McCants and Green. That is, if Davis gets traded. Jaric, whether he is here or not, probably doesn’t have much of a shot to start because all of the others are better.

Now, if Davis isn’t traded, there probably won’t be much of a battle as the Wolves would most likely go with the veteran and sure guy. But, there currently is a good shot of him being dealt, especially if they want to get the young guys more playing time.

But, if he is dealt, McCants may have the upper hand in the battle after being with the Wolves through the past two seasons. It could also be possible that the two guys split most of the time at the position.

SF Position:
Corey Brewer vs. Ryan Gomes vs. Gerald Green vs. Craig Smith

This battle will most likely be between just Brewer and Gomes, but Green and Smith could also be considered for the spot.

Gomes may have the upper hand, because in the past the Wolves have moved along slowly with their draft picks, and if they do the same with Brewer, he won’t see a lot of starts right away.

Also, while Green seems more like a SG, he is actually taller than both Smith and Gomes which would make him a nice fit in this position.

PF Position:
Al Jefferson

Here, I listed only Al Jefferson, because this job is his, and he has pretty much no chance of losing it unless on thing happens — Blount gets traded.

If Blount gets traded, it would be possible that the Wolves move Al to the center position and go with Smith and Gomes at the PF spot.

In camp, this battle will be mainly for who gets the minutes when Jefferson needs a break. If Blount is traded, it should be a battle between Smith and Gomes for the starting job, but expect both to split minutes if this happens.

Center Position:
Mark Blount

I think there is a good chance of Blount getting traded, and if he is, I think there is a good chance that Jefferson plays center.

But, if the Wolves want to keep Jefferson at PF, I could see maybe Juwan Howard seeing time here or possibly Craig Smith or Ryan Gomes depending on what the coaching staff prefers.

Okay, now lets clear some different things up:

– I think Randy Foye will be the starting point guard. There is pretty much no chance of it being Telfair, but he will be playing for the minutes off the bench nonetheless.

– I think that Blount will be traded, and when he is, I think the Wolves will put Al Jefferson at the center position. This will allow the Wolves to give Gomes and Smith more playing time, and might even allow them to play Al, Craig and Ryan at the same time playing the SF, PF and C positions.

– The SG position in my opinion is the biggest battle. There are so many people who can play it on this team, and we’ll have to wait to see if Davis and Jaric are here.

– List your lineups and thoughts in the comments section below (no need to register!)

Vote for a lineup, and join the discussion…


One Response to “Camp Preview: Third Edition”

  1. Here’s my lineup. Kinda busy, don’t have time to analyze.

    PG: Foye
    SG: Davis
    SF: Gomes
    PF: Jefferson
    C: Blount (for now… hopefully we can move him before the season starts.)

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