Finally, Some Action!


In a story posted both on Sports Illustrated, and by KFAN on, there are some different things clarified, and brought up about the current standing of the team.

Here are some of the key points, and a little added by me after each…

Smith Out 2 Weeks
Craig Smith sprained his ankle, and will miss one, maybe two weeks because of it. The Wolves open camp this weekend, so he’ll miss some of the early goings at camp.

My Thoughts: This doesn’t sound like a huge deal, and hopefully Smith will be able to participate in the events overseas. As long as this isn’t a recurring injury though, it shouldn’t be anything to worry about heading into the season.

They Want Jefferson
We’ve already heard that the Wolves are expected to heat up talks with Al Jefferson after the trip out east. Now, Kevin McHale said the talks are in the early stages, and the team wants to get a deal done by the October 31st deadline.

My Thoughts: This sounds like a good thing to me. Getting Jefferson signed by the deadline would obviously be a very smart choice, and would take away something we need to do next off-season. Also, the fact that there are in talks is very good to hear.

McCants 100%
Rashad McCants had knee surgery as we all know, and the Wolves say that he is 100% healthy, and ready to go.

My Thoughts:This is good to news to hear, considering the fact that we’ve really never gotten the chance to see what he can do when 100% healthy. I can’t wait until we get a chance for him to finally show how he can help now and in the future.

Deals Coming
Kevin McHale said that as of right now, the Wolves have about three or four deals that they could possibly complete. He added that things were looking up on the trade front, but the month of September was a very slow month.

My Thoughts: Hopefully we’ll get a deal done for someone pretty soon. I hope Davis stays, because I think he should be the last to go out of some of the guys. I’m banking on Jaric and Blount possibly going.

No Howard Trade
McHale also added that while Howard wanted out, he really hasn’t expressed anything recently, and the Wolves don’t think they can get enough value. He then added that it is probably a good bet that he’ll be here when the season starts.

My Thoughts: Oh well. I wanted him to get traded, because who wants someone on their team that doesn’t want to be there. But, if we can’t trade him, he shouldn’t be a bad fit. Hopefully he doesn’t cause any problems.

Chris Richard Situation
Chris Richard was drafted with the Wolves second round pick, and still has not signed. McHale said that there is an offer on the table, and they hope he’ll be signed by Saturday. He also said that it is possible that he’ll still go out east, and added that playing in Europe this season would be a possibility.

My Thoughts: Lets get this guy signed. There is really no reason we shouldn’t be able to sign him, and he should be a decent addition. If he does have the play in the D-League, oh well, at least he’ll be getting some experience.

Well, that’s about it for now. Media Day is at the end of the week, so we should get more action then. Then, on Saturday, the Wolves will start a small camp before heading to Turkey.


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