A Few Things…


Although the late off-season, and early pre-season has basically no action, there are a few things to get updated on in the Wolves front. Here are the two different stories, along with my take on them. Feel free to comment at the end on how you feel about each situation.

Wolves Sign Center
The Timberwolves have signed center John Edwards to a two-year deal. Edwards is a seven foot big-man, and has played with teams in the D-League, the Indiana Pacers and the Atlanta Hawks. As of right now, he is expected to join the mix with the other big guys, and could be the guy filling in for the injured Mark Madsen.

My Thoughts: Well, this move makes no sense to me. It isn’t really the player, but the fact that we are just adding more to an already full roster. Before we sign anybody, we should free up space with trades. I guess we’ll have to see if those are coming.

Jefferson on Hold
Glen Taylor has said that while the Timberwolves and Al Jefferson have talked somewhat about a contract, the team will wait until the players return from their pre-season trip out East before they approach him an further, and before the talks heat up.

My Thoughts: Sounds good enough. I’m just happy that they are starting to get serious right away about keeping their main man. Being a Twins fan, makes it more exciting as we may have to see our guy, Torii Hunter, walk because talks never happened.

Again, leave your thoughts below.


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