Training Camp Preview


With the “Meeting the Wolves” series now over, and the other one somewhat stalled until some action starts to come, I’m going to have yet another series starting very soon.

This one will be a training camp preview. I had planned on this being a single post, but as I continue to finish it up, it has rolled over three pages and near four, which I felt was to long to be a single post.

So, I’ve broken it up into a series.

Here is what to expect:

1) Pre-Season Schedule Preview

2) Possible roster moves

3) Keys to preseason

4) Roster battles

5) And some other things

I hope to start it up soon, but I have to finish it up, and then decide how to break in into multiple posts.

So stay tuned….

[The “Meeting the Wolves” series is over, because I decided that Theo Ratliff wasn’t worth doing. He just doesn’t seem like a key part other than his contract. However, I may change my mind if I have time, and I do plan on doing Corey Brewer at some time before the season.]


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