Meet Sebastian Telfair


Sebastian Telfair being included in the KG trade can be thought of as somewhat of a “throw in.” If he plays well, great. We get a guy that didn’t need to be included in the trade, and he helps our team out. But, if he doesn’t play well, or gets into trouble again, it isn’t a big situation either.

Actually, the words may be, “Low Risk, Big Reward.”

Last season, Telfair put up averages of 6 points and nearly 3 assists per game while averaging just 20 minutes per outing. He played decently I guess, and like the others got inconsistent playing time, so if the minutes increase, so could the numbers.

But, no matter how good he has played so far in his career, or how bad for that matter, that has never been the story. Since making it to the NBA, Telfair has been in trouble three different times, and those have been the big headlines overshadowing everything else.

In 2006, there were two incidents including a handgun incident where he took a gun on the team plane, and a robbery incident where he had stolen property worth more than $50,000. Then, last season he was again arrested for a handgun incident after being pulled over. When they searched his vehicle, they found a loaded gun under the seat.

In addition to those incidents, he has yet to make a name for himself other than being a troublemaker, and is known most of the time as Stephon Marbury’s cousin.

Anyways, if Telfair can stay out of trouble with the Wolves, the third time could be a charm. The Wolves do have Randy Foye, but Telfair has talent, and if he uses it right, he could force the Wolves to move Foye to his natural SG position, and give him a chance at point.

But, it’s all up to Telfair and how he plays on the court.

The Old Days….

Sebastian Telfair was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1985, and attended Abraham Lincoln High School.

At Abraham Lincoln, Telfair did many great things. First of all, he led his school to three New York City PSAL titles and one state championship. Then, maybe his biggest accomplishment, he became New York’s all-time leading scorer, passing Kenny Anderson.

After high school, Telfair committed to the University of Louisville, but later reconsidered and instead decided to enter the NBA Draft.

Telfair became the shortest player ever drafted out of High School when he was picked with the 14th overall pick by the Portland Trailblazers in the 2004.

Telfair’s Stats

Telfair’s Wikipedia

Telfair’s Website


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