Meet Ryan Gomes


While guys like Al Jefferson, Gerald Green and even Sebastian Telfair got the main publicity from the trade, Ryan Gomes came in somewhat silently. To tell you the truth, Gomes is actually a huge part of this deal, and provides the Wolves with another big man that has a lot of potential.

Last season, Gomes started off where he finished the 2006 season — in the starting lineup. He put up pretty good numbers, and recorded both career highs and his first ever triple-double. But, he was injured later in the season, and his minutes went down.

Overall, he put up pretty good averages, and actually started in 60 games for the Celtics. In his total 73 games played, Gomes averaged 12 points and nearly 6 rebounds per game. In addition, he averaged just 31 minutes, so like Green, those numbers do have the potential to increase this season.

One thing that Gomes brings to the team is a great work ethic. Gomes has always been known for working hard, and although he is a smaller person at his position, he is also known for being a pretty good offensive rebounder.

In addition to working hard, he is always looking to get better. After the 05-06 season, even though he was already a starter, Gomes made the decision to attend the Summer League with his team. He played well, and made the first team (All-Summer League) for his second year in a row.

One player that is somewhat similar to Gomes would be his new teammate Craig Smith. Much like Gomes, Smith fell into the second round in the draft because teams thought he was to small to play the PF position in the NBA.

With his hard work though, Gomes has overcome everything, and turned into a great second round pick.

Before the NBA…

Ryan Gomes was born in Waterbury, Connecticut, and attended Wilby High School in his hometown. He put up good numbers in High School like most professionals do, and made the varsity team as the starting center his sophomore year. From there on, he lead his team to the 1998 finals, but was defeated.

When Gomes graduated High School, he didn’t have the required SAT scores, and had to go to Notre Dame Prep in Fitchburg, Massachusetts to finish up before he could attend a college.

After he finished up there, he had three schools still offering scholarships, and decided to go to Providence.

At Providence, Gomes stayed for the full four years. He did enter the NBA draft in 2004, but decided to skip it, and instead finish his college career.

After his senior year, Gomes then entered the draft again, and as I mentioned above, was chosen by the Celtics with the 50th overall pick in the second round.

Ryan’s Stats

Ryan’s Wikpedia


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  1. Great article. I agree, Gomes is a very good addition to the roster and will provide a boost for this young team.

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