Meet Gerald Green

Gerald Green might be the most exciting part of the KG deal, and could provide the Wolves their first dunk contest participant in some time. There are still some things holding Green back from bigger things, but lets take a look at him.

Last season, Gerald Green put up pretty good averages, and ended the season with averages of nearly 11 points per game and 3 rebounds per game. But, those averages were with him going just 22 minutes per night. So, when those increase, hopefully his numbers will as well.

As I mentioned at the beginning, Green might be the most exciting person on the team. One of the best things about him, is that aside from being a basketball player, he’s a great athlete. Last season, he won the All-Star Dunk Contest, and time after time showed his skills with his dunking ability.

[See top dunks at end]

Anyways, there is still one major question facing him, and that is his overall knowledge of the game.

While he is a great athlete, that is only part of being a great basketball player. From what people have said about him, he needs to learn the game better, and use his skills to his advantage by becoming a better defender and improving his shot.

Now, these sound like big things, but I personally think he can do it, and he is already half way there.

Onto his road to the NBA….

Gerald Green grew up in Houston Texas, and actually didn’t start playing basketball until he was a sophomore. He made the varsity his junior year, but because of poor grades, couldn’t play and transferred schools.

In his senior year, he put up averages of more than thirty points per game to go along with an average of 12 rebounds per game. With these great numbers, Green was selected to the McDonald’s All-American game. At this game, he also participated in the dunk contest, and defeated Josh McRoberts.

Green, much like teammate Al Jefferson, committed to a college, but decided to instead enter the NBA Draft. He was then drafted in 2005 by the Celtics with the 18th overall pick. Oddly enough, Green was one player the Timberwolves considered.

So far in his career, Green has shown a lot of signs of promise, but now has to put them all together to become a more complete player. The one major highlight that he has had so far, is definitely his 2007 Dunk Contest title.

Top 10 Dunks:

Green’s Stats

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