Meet Al Jefferson


Al Jefferson was the key to the Kevin Garnett deal, and is what ultimately got the deal done. He has a lot of talent and potential, and is also on the verge of breaking out.

Last year, he ended the season with averages of 16 points per game and 11 rebounds per game. These numbers really aren’t that far off from what KG put up, but KG did it in a more dominant way. One upside to Jefferson, is that he is putting these numbers up at a young age — nine years younger than KG to be exact.

What is even more promising with Jefferson is that in the last two months last season, he put up averages in the twenties. In March, it was nearly 20 points per game, and in April is was nearly 22 points per game.

If he continues to progress the way he did near the end of last season, and put up those 20 points per game averages, he’ll be right where Kevin was.

One of the major questions regarding Al is how he’ll do in the Western Conference, or how being the star will affect him. Neither of these things should play a huge role, but lets take a look anyways.

Against the Western Conference guys last season, Jefferson’s numbers weren’t really impacted. In fact, against the San Antonio Spurs he averaged his best numbers against any Western Conference team, and they do after all have Tim Duncan.

In the other respect, Jefferson will be playing alongside Randy Foye, who could also demand strong defense, and Jefferson should handle the “star” role pretty well. The one main thing could be how he handles a double team.

Now, lets meet Al Jefferson as a person….

Al Jefferson grew up in Mississippi where he attended Prentiss High School. At Prentiss, he put up awesome numbers, and was a selection for the McDonald’s All-American Team. He was also a finalist for the Naismith Award, and committed to the University of Arkansas after his senior year.

However, instead of going to college, Jefferson decided to enter the NBA Draft, and was drafted by the Boston Celtics with 15th overall pick in 2004.

Jefferson has since been a pretty good player, and as I mentioned above, is currently on the verge of breaking out.

In addition to being a great player, Jefferson is a good person off the court and in the community. Most recently Jefferson, along with Wolves coach Randy Wittman, helped the children that were on the bus when I-35W collapsed.

For more on Jefferson, check out some of these links:

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One Response to “Meet Al Jefferson”

  1. While I agree that Jefferson is going to be good – you can’t be trying to compare him to Garnett. Garnett’s assists and defense is what sets him apart. Jefferson can get blocks, but he also gets a lot of fouls attempting to do so.

    Garnett wasn’t working out in Minnesota and the Wolves got a nice package for him. While Jefferson is the new star of the team, he won’t be a “Garnett” anytime soon…but don’t worry, the future looks bright if the Wolves can hold on to half of their youngsters.

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