SI Rating Reaction


Well, the season is still about two months away from opening (November), but there are still some notes and things surrounding the team.

Here are some different things, and my thoughts as well:

– Steve Aschburner was at one time a writer for the Star Tribune, and covered the Timberwolves. Now, he has a gig at Sports Illustrated, and covers the whole NBA. One of his recent articles was to give grades to the Northwest teams, and that includes the Wolves.

Here are some things he mentioned and my opinion:

1) “Goodbye Big Ticket, hello lottery ticket!” This was the first thing, and
pretty much he said that without KG, the Wolves will instead be getting a
lottery pick. This is probably true, but I personally think the Wolves will be better than people think.

2) After this, he talks about how Al Jefferson should be
able to get very similar numbers to what KG averages in Boston. I tend to agree,
and with Jefferson nine years younger, there’s a lot of hope for the future.

3) His final “good” thing about the team is Corey Brewer. He talks about
how this could be their third straight good first round pick. I again agree.
Even though McHale has been plenty bad, he has made some good picks. Those include McCants (some could argue), Randy Foye, Craig Smith and noe possibly Corey Brewer.

4) The bad starts with him talking about KG leaving. All he really says is that it
was sad, and that the Wolves will never have a player like him. Very true, but
overall, I think the Wolves had to make this move to have any shot at a bright

5) One final bad note that really stood out to me was this,
“Still more liabilities than assets.” He mentioned Hassel, Blount and Jaric. I
agree, but I don’t think Hassel is a huge liability. I think the Wolves really
need to move Jaric and Blount, to open up cap space and roster space, but Davis
is a bigger threat than Hassel.

Overall, he gave the Wolves a C- for the off-season. This is fair because they did trade away their ticket seller, and maybe some fans. But, as a Wolves blogger and fan, the off-season was somewhat successful. They made a stride in the right direction, got some talent and, if they make a few more moves, the next few years should be a good start to a bright future.

– Eddie Griffin’s funeral was today. Some people that attended included KG and John Lucas. Something I found interesting was this:

Griffin’s sister, Marian Middleton, told the crowd to ignore stories that
portrayed Griffin as troubled or spoiled, and that indicated there was anything
suspicious about his death. Middleton said Griffin was excited about spending
upcoming birthdays with his nieces and nephews and would never waste those
opportunities because he loved his family.

I tend to agree. Griffin obviously had problems at times, with both drinking and reportedly other things. But on the court, and many other times, he seemed like a great person and a happy person.

– Finally, check out this interview with Wolves guard Randy Foye.


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