More than talent…


When we made the trade with the Boston Celtics, we all knew what kind of talent we were getting in return. But, with that trade, Minnesota got so much more than that. We got Al Jefferson and Ryan Gomes, two very good kids both on and off the court.

Ryan Gomes is much more known than Jefferson for being a good person off the court, and has been very active in the Boston community in the past, and also with charities.

But, Al Jefferson is good too, and he showed that this past week by bringing in all of the children that were on the bus when I-35W collapsed. Along with Wolves coach Randy Wittman, they brought the kids in for food and school supplies.

And, it might not be just him that helps out. Telfair, Gomes and Green have all said that they would like to help out when they return to Minnesota.

While we don’t know yet exactly what kind of trade this will be on the court, one thing is for sure — we got just as much back in the community.


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