MTW: First Edition


Well, here is the first edition of Making the Wolves. In this edition, every player is included that is on the Wolves current roster. I have their chance of making the team included, and then a little comment on each.

Here is the chart….

MTW First

Up Arrow:
Good Chance
Down Arrow: Less than Average
Blue Lines: Even Chance

Some explanation….

– First off, some players got an even chance simply because while there is a chance they will be traded, other players have a much bigger chance.

– Howard and Jaric got down arrows because they have both mentioned they want out, and there is a good chance the Wolves will accommodate their demands.

– Also on the list are quite a few players that are locks to make the team. I still put reasons they need to play well in camp.

– Finally, Telfair got an up arrow, but I think there is a small chance that if he doesn’t play well, he could be let go.

The next edition will be out sometime when they make invitations to camp or a trade. Most likely to be included next time are Bowen and Cleaves, who are both expected in camp.

I will have other posts between editions…


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